miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Repositorio de Software Libre VoIP

Clientes para Windows

  • Ekiga || SIP, H.323 audio and video softphone for various linux, solaris, windows, and various unix systems. Formerly GnomeMeeting
  • FreeSWITCH: Console client for SIP, IAX2, Woomera and Jingle/Google Talk
  • Homer - live conferencing and more: decentralized/centralized working SIP-based video conferencing tool
  • Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) Audio/Video phone and messenger with end-to-end encryption through ZRTP - Multiplatform - Open Source (also supports XMPP, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and others).
  • JPhone Rich software SDK support softphone development, Windows, Linux, ThreadX, Vxworks etc.
  • Linphone audio and video SIP softphone for Linux and Windows XP
  • minisip cross-platform SIP softphone, Linux, Windows XP and soon Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • MjUA: simple cross-platform SIP softphone, written in java, based on MjSip stack
  • OfficeSIP Messenger is audio-video softphone and instant messenger, open source alternative to MS Office Communicator.
  • OfficeSIP Softphone GPL audio-video softphone.
  • OpenSIPStack MPL licensed SIP stack with ENUM, Presence (XMPP/SIMPLE) and NAT traversal. Reference implementation of Session Border Controller (OpenSBC) available.
  • OpenSoftphone: A simple Java based SIP softphone using the PjSip-jni wrapper
  • OpenZoep: GPL telephone and IM messaging client engine
  • Peers Minimalist SIP softphone written in java (tested on linux and windows)
  • PhoneGaim
  • PJSUA: Command line SIP UA with SIMPLE, IM, call transfer, RTCP/RTCP, etc.
  • QuteCom ex-OpenWengo: a fully SIP compliant multiplatform softphone with many features
  • REMWAVE Communicator Win Open source soft phone for Windows. Written in C# and based on the PJSIP library. Including branding engine.
  • Shtoom: SIP softphone in Python, runs on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • SipToSis from mhspot.com Skype SIP UA - Multiplatform - Open Source
  • sipXezPhone ("sipX easy phone") from SIPfoundry based on sipXtapi
  • sipXphone from SIPfoundry, previously known as the Pingtel phone
  • VMukti (formerly 1videoConference) alpha: a web2.0 VoIP video conferencing software for Asterisk.
  • wxCommunicator Windows softphone based on sipXtapi and wxWidgets 2.8.x, multi-account, conferencing, NAT support
  • YateClient is multiprotocol and multiplatform softphone with H.323, SIP,Jingle and IAX support.

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  1. Can you tell me the features, dynamics and services of Portico..and one more thing there is any other alternate option for portico.